Little Red Riding Hood Doll Design


Concept drawing and inspiration for  Little Red Doll

(above) a size comparison of Red and her forest friends

Little Red is a 7" doll with moveable arms, knees that bend, and remove-able clothing.

Red's body is made of plastic, but her hair is made of saran and is brushable. Her clothing is cotton and fastened with velcro,  the fox icon is printed onto her sweater.

Red's cloak is made of felt and has a snap clasp. Her boots are flexible plastic with a seam on the back, which can be opened to make room for her foot. 

Red lives in Storybook Town (present day) with her two best friends

Goldilocks and Cinderella (below)


Little Red's Accessory Concepts


Red's Basket


Forest Friends (small plastic figurines)

Hot Cocoa mug (fits into doll's hand)

Firefly Mason Jar ( fits into doll's hand )